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Remote Services

Summit Equine Nutrition offers a number of remote services when visiting your barn is not practical.


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We visit your farm and assess your current feeding and management strategies.



Dr. Thunes will come and speak at your event about a variety of nutrition related topics.

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Taking The Guesswork Out of Feeding Your Horse

Welcome to Summit Equine Nutrition LLC where we provide independent horse nutrition consulting services tailored specifically to the needs of your horse and stable.

Selecting the right feeds and supplements for your horse is confusing. The market is saturated with products all claiming to be the right solution for your horse. You can spend hours researching possibilities giving yourself a headache and getting no closer to a solution. If you do make a decision you are often left wondering whether it was the right one.

I’m Dr. Clair Thunes and I founded Summit in 2007 because I wanted to help people just like you to cut past the glossy product images and too good to be true promises. My goal is to help you achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are spending your feed dollars wisely and that your horse’s diet is optimal for his needs.

Summit is not a feed company, we do not have a line of feeds or supplements instead I recommend products that are already on the market. However you can trust that I am not paid by manufacturers to recommend their product and therefore my advice is independent. I work for you. I take the time to listen because as a horse owner, I know that no-one knows your horse better than you and based on what I learn in combination with my scientific training I offer individualized advice that is right for you.

My recommendations are specific, founded in solid scientific principles, and practical to implement. Many of the services I offer come with continued support for your peace of mind. Clients tell me that my nutrition solutions are easy to understand and implement, provide them with peace of mind and often save them money.

Thank you for visiting and please come back soon.

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Upcoming Events

Pomona Horse Expo Jan 29th-Feb 1st
Dr. Clair will be attending the Sacramento Horse Expo in June. Come listen to her speak each day at the Expo University stage and visit her in her booth. There will be chances to win free consultations!

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Hear Dr. Clair speak
Clair will be speaking at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento this June. Stop by her booth to visit in person and enter your chance to win a free on site analysis of your horse's diet!

Tip of the Month

Is your horse stuck inside this winter? Did you know that poor ventilation negatively impacts respiratory health? Sensitive lung tissue becomes irritated by ammonia and other particulate matter in the air. Keep stalls well mucked out and avoid mucking stalls and sweeping aisle ways when your horse is in his stall.

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