Allie Knowles

Summit was excited to add Alexandra “Allie” Knowles to our list of Summit Stars in 2011. She has quickly established herself as one of America’s most promising young Three-Day Event riders. We first had the pleasure of getting to know Allie when she was an ambitious Pony Clubber where she attained her “A” rating. Recently becoming a level 3 ICP certified trainer Allie has all the skills to help develop riders and their horses. This is shown in all 3 of the horses that Summit sponsors which were all trained and brought through the ranks by Allie. She has a tremendous work ethic, competitive edge, and is well respected by her peers and in recent years has gained the attention of the U.S. team selection Committee.

Eventing is a tough sport that requires hard decisions and here at Summit we value Allie’s maturity and good horsemanship in putting her horse’s needs ahead of her own. She continues to earn numerous wins and titles, with the goal of representing her country in international competition.

Allie was recently named at the USEA annual meeting as the recipient of the Rebecca Broussard International Travel Grant winning $10,000 for the 2012 season to pursuit her international competition goals. Additional recent highlights include being named to the 2011 Developing rider list, and having two horses short listed for the Pan American Games.

Slusher Eventing is now based in Paris KY and is accepting riders and horses in training. Since arriving in Kentucky in November, Allie has been awarded a sponsorship by Triple Crown Horse Feeds and all her horses are currently transitioning over to their products. More information about Allie and her progress can be found at and on facebook at AlexandraSlusherEventing.

Last Call (Fergie)

Known as Fergie around the barn she is Allie’s “top” horse and one of the most impressive mares to grace the sport of eventing in recent history. Fergie has an impressive record having gone up through the ranks together with Allie, learning as they went. Allie and Fergie were named to the Developing rider program in 2011, marking their third straight appearance on the list. Most impressively, the pair was named to the A-list and were shortlisted for the 2011 Pan American Games.

For an upper level event horse Fergie is an exceptionally easy keeper but requires adequate calories to provide her the staying power on cross country day.  Additionally prior to working with Summit Equine Nutrition she had a history of tying-up and not drinking while in transit or at shows.  Fergie’s diet in early 2011 was based on strictly monitored forage intake, both grass hay and alfalfa, oats, a ration balancer, a magnesium supplement, a joint supplement, KERx Nano-E™ a highly absorbable form of natural vitamin E and salt.  Later in the year in preparation for Boekelo a high fat performance feed was added to help spare muscle glycogen and increase stamina.

Since implementation of the new ration in early 2011 Fergie has achieved better hydration, readily drinking both when travelling and when at shows and has shown no signs of tying-up.  Additionally she has had better stamina across country all of which contributed to a highly successful season winning Galway Downs CIC*3* in April, placing 5th at the Jersey Fresh CCI3* and 3rd at The Event at Rebecca Farm CIC3*.


Pierre, a 10 year old 16 hand Hanoverian gelding, has come along quickly the last few seasons. Having trained and competed Pierre since his first Novice level outings Allie has taken him all the way to Intermediate in 2011 where he placed in the top 3 at his first CCI** and was short listed for the 2011 Pan American Games US eventing team.  Despite his small stature, he is showing all the scope to go Advanced in 2012.

Pierre has never been a horse with much of an appetite showing many of the classic signs of ulcers.  The amount of forage, in particular alfalfa, was increased in his ration and a Freedom Feeder slow feeder was utilized at shows. A high fat commercial performance feed was relied upon as the main energy source with additional salt and a joint supplement added to the ration.  His appetite and overall demeanor have shown a significant improvement.

Juicy Couture (Ellie)

Ellie, a Dutch/Thoroughbred cross is one of Allie’s up and coming stars and one of her three horses currently competing at the Intermediate level or above.  She was an impressive winner of the 2010 CCI** division of the Galway Downs International Three Day Event cruising to victory with a clean showing jumping round and a rail in hand from start to finish.

A sensitive horse under saddle, Ellie’s diet provides plenty of forage both grass hay and alfalfa and additional calories, minerals and vitamins from a high fat performance feed.

Piper & Komik

These two young mares are Allie’s young prospects both are exceptionally talented and we look forward to working with them and watching them rise up the levels under Allie’s skilled guidance.

Photos: Natalie Hays, Sherry Stewart