The following is a selection of articles written by Dr. Thunes:

PDF Downloads

Understanding Equine Allergies – Summit Equine Nutrition Newletter Spring 2010

Understanding Electrolytes – Summit Equine Nutrition Newsletter August 2010

Transitioning From Feed To Grass – Courtesy of Modern Arabian Horse Magazine, Issue 2 2011

Help! Hay prices are outrageous – The Gallop: Riding Magazine, November 2011

Summit Equine Nutrition – Independent nutrition consultant Dr. Clair Thunes helps owners simplify overwhelming choices. Riding Magazine, February 2011

Burning Nutrition Questions – Reprinted with permission from Trail Blazer magazine, March 2010 issue. For more information visit

Body Condition Scoring

Demystification of the calorie

What can we learn from feed labels?

What are extruded feeds?

Fat composition demystified

What is so important about omega fatty acids?

How do horses thermoregulate?

Visable signs of dehydration

Some special considerations for getting your older horse through the winter.


Online Articles

Feeding the Breeding Stallion

Improving Stallion Fertility

Taking the Stress Out of Weaning

Weaning Your Foal

Feeding Decisions For Weanlings

Feeding For Conception

Feeding the 3rd Trimester Mare