Farm Visit

Farm VisitWhile not always possible, Summit Equine Nutrition farm visits are often advantageous and may be conducted for one horse or for the entire barn. They allow for an in-person assessment of your current feeding and management strategies. Farm visits allow you to ask all your questions in a personal, one-on-one setting with the horses present. During a farm visit, Dr. Thunes will condition score your horses and estimate their weight. She will weigh your feeds and supplements and evaluate them for their suitability, and she may core your hay for analysis.

Farm visit – $275 (reduced for multiple horses)

Your farm visit will include the following:

  • Dr. Thunes will travel to your location and perform an in person consultation with you and your horse. (Travel fee will apply).
  • Your horse’s weight and body condition will be estimated by Dr. Thunes.
  • Dr. Thunes will weigh all feed and enter it into the analysis software and any deficiencies or excesses will be identified and corrected.
  • You will receive a hard copy of the analysis results and Dr. Thunes will explain the findings.
  • Personal recommendations will be made for specific feeds and supplements necessary to insure a diet optimized for your horse’s health and performance.
  • You will receive a hard copy of the proposed plan.
  • 30 day follow-up phone consultation with plan revision as needed.

Summit Equine Nutrition has a completely mobile office which allows diets to be evaluated in the barn and for you to receive a hard copy evaluation of your horse’s diet at the time of the visit. This service requires that diet information be provided prior to the visit. For more information about the specifics of the consultation process please read the information found HERE.

For farms located within easy driving distance of Sacramento a flat travel fee is charged based on being either <25 miles, 25-50 miles, 50-75 miles, 75-100 miles and 100-150 one way.  This may be divided between owners where applicable.  Travel further than 150 miles is also available but may incur additional charges.

A recommended way to reduce travel costs is to organize a group for consultations or a seminar at your facility or with your local horse group.  This can result in very reasonable travel fees per horse even when the travel is out of state. Incentives are available for those willing to organize an entire day of services.  Please contact Dr. Thunes for current travel rates and to inquire about incentives for event organizers.