Feeding to reduce gastric ulcers and colic

 Recorded on March 25th 2017

Equine gastric ulcer syndrome has been estimated to impact 60% of show horses and as many as half of horses with no symptoms may in fact have gastric ulcers. Additionally colic is a major cause of death in horses. This webinar, given by Dr Clair Thunes PhD, will teach you about equine digestive anatomy and physiology and why it is that modern horse keeping practices may increase the risk of these painful and often costly conditions. By the end you will have tools at hand to be able to make management changes to reduce your horse’s risk of developing these conditions. The webinar lasts for about 1.5 hours with an. You will also have access to a private Facebook group through April 4th to ask any follow-up questions relating to the webinar content. You may also redeem the cost of this webinar against one of Summit Equine Nutrition’s services if booked and paid for by April 4th 2017.


I have had a horse with ulcers so I am always trying to learn as much as I can from reliable sources in order to help my horses. It was helpful to ask questions and get the answer right way. It is also good to hear other questions asked by others that you may not think of at that time. Looking forward to more webinars and meeting Clair in person at the Cave Creek Clinic in AZ. –  Cheryl S. watching from AZ.