Four Seasons

$750 ($1050 value)

This package aims to meet the changing needs of the performance horse whether in competition or active training.  Often the goal with a performance horse is for his skills, strength and/or commitment to his job to peak at certain points in the season, followed by periods of relative down time. Diets need to change with the horse’s changing needs and for this reason, the Four Season package provides more face-to-face and phone support as well as unlimited email access so that you can easily get the nutritional support you need throughout the year. This allows for diets to be “dialed in” based on your feedback resulting in the best chance of optimized nutrition for maximized performance.

  • 1 barn visit at initiation of program with diet evaluation
  • 1 diet reformulation at start of package
  • 2nd barn visit during enrollment to monitor progress diet to be reformulated as necessary (as with changes in work level, season etc)
  • 4 x 30 minute phone consults to be used during the enrollment period
  • Unlimited email support

Note: A travel fee will be charged for all farm visits. If due to distance a farm visit is not feasible, all work will be performed remotely.

I signed up for the Performance Plus program this year with my 16 year old Friesian gelding Seth so that his diet could be kept at an optimal level for his dressage work. Seth is an easy keeper and needed to lose some weight. His diet needed to be balanced carefully so he received all the necessary nutrients in a calorie controlled manner. The diet is working and this spring Clair and I will revisit his condition and performance and rebalance his diet. I have been a client of Clair’s for 3 years. Before I started using her services my horse’s coats were rough and bleached out every summer. Now they shine with lots of dapples and no bleaching! I get many compliments about how good they look! Clair is easy to work with, just contact via phone or e-mail for a prompt response. I highly recommend her services to help your horses work at their best. – Jan Oakes, owner and rider of Seth competing at USDF 4th level