Performance Horses

Because of the demands placed upon them, performance horses need to be in peak condition. They need to be physically fit, in good health with strong immune systems, look good and have the right mental attitude to be able to take on their competition and get the job done. In combination with veterinary care, a sound nutritional program is key to their success.

Summit Equine Nutrition will work with you to insure that there are no gaps in your equine nutrition program—gaps that keep your horse from looking and performing at his best.

Even though nutrition is vitally important to competitive success, many performance horses are fed sub-optimal diets. You may feel that your equine nutrition plan is adequate. However, a recent study of hunter, jumper and dressage horses reported that ALL horses who had NOT received feeding advice from a qualified equine nutritionist showed some degree of nutrient deficiency in their diets.  This was despite the fact that 85% of the horses were fed additional equine supplements beyond their hay and grain.

A separate study of elite event horses identified that on average they were fed four equine supplements in addition to their grain and hay, and yet their diets were not optimally balanced and often provided nutrients in excess of recommendations. While more of a good thing might seem harmless, this is a waste of money, and an excess of some nutrients can actually be harmful. In an era of cost cutting, why spend more than you need to in a way that doesn’t help the horse?

Clearly, it is possible to spend significant money on equine supplements and still have a diet that is either deficient or incorrectly balanced. This is why working with Summit Equine Nutrition is an investment that insures that your horse is primed for competitive success and your feed dollars are being spent wisely and where they are needed most.

Correct nutritional management is as important as veterinary care. Equine nutrition is at the core of every horse’s program, affecting how they look, feel and perform. A complete and balanced equine nutrition program can even save money in the long run with improved immunity and a coat that glows with good health.

Whether you are a competitive amateur with a small number of horses or a professional trainer managing a competition barn, Summit Equine Nutrition will work with you to create nutritional programs for your horses selecting feeds and supplements specifically to meet their needs.

We offer a number of services for the performance horse owner including a special package called Performance Plus.  To learn more about Performance Plus please click here.  To find out more about how Summit Equine Nutrition can provide your horses with the competitive edge, click here to request Dr. Thunes to contact you.