Strong Start Program

Step I – from Pregnancy through Yearling

Designed for breeding operations of all sizes, this program for professional and amateur breeders insures correct nutrition through every stage of the breeding process – pregnancy, lactation, and weaning – bringing optimum health to mare and foal.

  • From Pregnancy to Yearling1 barn visit at initiation of program as appropriate
  • 1 pregnancy diet formulation detailed for each month of gestation
  • 1 lactation diet formulation with details for each phase of lactation
  • 1 preparation for weaning guidelines
  • 1 weanling diet specific by month through to 1 year
  • 2 x 30 minute phone consults between starting the plan and the foal’s 1st birthday. Phone consults are included to allow you easy access to nutritional advice to support whatever situation occurs. Additional foals do not increase the number of phone consults in the package.
  • Foal add on fee for each additional mare/foal combination that can be fed the same diet

Notes: The package may be pro-rated for lactating mares that join. Call fee will be charged.

Step II – from Weanling or Yearling to 2 Year Old

Created for breeders who keep their young stock into their second year or those who have purchased a weanling or yearling, Step 2 insures that the young horse receives everything needed for optimal health and development.

Note: Call fee will be charged.

  • Weanlings to two year olds1 diet formulated for each stage of development to the 2nd birthday
  • 1 x 30 minute phone consult during time of enrollment to the 2nd birthday
  • Weanling/yearling add on fee for each additional weanling/yearling fed the same diet.

Note: Call fee will be charged.