Susan Treabess

Summit Equine Nutrition is proud to sponsor Susan Treabess and her horses.  Susan is a talented dressage trainer and represented the United States in para-dressage at the 2010 World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Kentucky with her horse Moneypenny (owned by Dan and Katy Peterson of Prundale CA) where she was the top placed US rider.  Susan was born without her left hand but has ridden for most of her life competing in hunter jumpers and USDF dressage.  Her training facility Winterhaven Dressage and Horsemanship is based in Winters California at Somerset Farm.  Susan competes in regular USDF competition through the Intermediare level and trains with Ellen Eckstein as well as Steffen Peters, the current dressage World Champion, and his wife Shannon.

More information about Susan and her progress can be found at, on facebook at Winterhaven Dressage And Horsemanship, and also on Susan’s Blog.

Fugitivo XII

Fugitivo XIISusan’s current international prospect is the Qualified P.R.E. FEI stallion Fugitivo XII owned by Terry Waechter and Watchman P.R.E.  Fugitivo is currently schooling Prix St. George and he will be back in the show ring in 2012.

Prior to coming to Susan’s barn in 2011 Fugitivo had been focused as a breeding stallion.  Initial goals were to build fitness and muscle while developing stamina and the power to again successfully perform the FEI movements. All the diets at Somerset Farm are based on quality tested forage enough of which is bought to supply the farm for 12 months. Fugitivo’s diet provides a majority of the forage as grass hay with enough alfalfa to insure adequate quality protein to support muscle development.  As a relatively easy keeper additional calories are provided by adding a limited amount of starch to the ration in the form of Pennfield Grand Prix Granola.  Very little fat other than flax is added to the ration as fat appears to make him fat rather than giving him more sparkle under saddle.  Minerals and vitamins necessary to balance the ration are provided through a supplement rather than a ration balancer to maintain a lower caloric intake.

Somerset’s Verite

MoneypennyVerite is an 8 year old KWPN mare by Contester. She is owned by Federica Beatrice of Somerset Farm and was bred by DG Bar Ranch. Verite was started and shown as a three year old and then had a four year hiatus as a broodmare having two colts, one by Ferrington, the other by UB40. She started back into training in June of 2009 with Susan and has been shown through 1st level.  Verite is currently  schooling 3rd and 4th level and is expected to be back in the show ring in 2012.

Verite is a fairly sensitive mare with a lean body type who is somewhat hard to keep weight on.  Due to her personality and difficulty in maintaining condition she is fed plenty of quality forage with additional Pennsfield Fibergized Omega a high fat performance feed that also provides a source of fermentable fiber.


“Moneypenny is a picky eater in addition to being half Thoroughbred, so we had to carefully balance her diet for maximum performance.  The stresses of competition can be hard on a horses physical condition, but with the help of Clair all of our horses have remained at the top of their game.”

Moneypenny was recently retired from Susan’s string returning home to her owner, breeder and trainer Katy Peterson. With Susan she competed at the FEI Para Dressage and Intermediare I levels.
As with a lot of top competition horses Moneypenny was sensitive to stress which caused her to go off feed, in particular grain feeds.  She was picky about the feeds in her diet and had not liked salt when added to her grain prior to working with Summit.  Her feeding plan was initially based on quality grass hay, alfalfa, a broad spectrum vitamin mineral supplement, oats, wheat bran and sugarbeet pulp. The amount of these last three items could be increased and decreased based on her work level, and condition.  These feed items were also easily available across the country allowing for consistency in her ration when travelling for shows.

Prior to the 2010 World Equestrian Games the mineral supplement, oats, wheat bran and sugar beet pulp were substituted with Pennfield Grand Prix Granola and Fibergized Omega.  The amounts of each of these feeds could be increased up or down depending on the need for more starch or fat in the ration.

With each of these rations Moneypenny’s tendency towards ulcers disappeared and she readily consumed salt which was vital for performance in the hot humid conditions of the mid-west and Kentucky. These changes along with frequent re-evaluations of her ration as needed insured Moneypenny was at the top of her game when it really mattered, the 2010 World Equestrian Games where she and Susan were highest placed US pair.  After implementing these changes, Moneypenny was able to handle multi-day trips across the country with no digestive upsets and no negative impact on her performance.