Summit Equine Nutrition LLC is excited to bring you a series of teleseminars where we integrate equine nutrition with other areas of health care.  We view equine nutrition as a part of an integrated health management program.  With that in mind we are partnering with industry experts to bring you such topics as;

  • Feeding and Dental Care of The Senior Horse,
  • Reducing Your Horse’s Risk of Infectious Disease Through Nutrition and Biosecurity,
  • Creating That Winning Coat From The Inside Out And Outside In.


All our teleseminars and webinars will be recorded so that they are available to you not only live but whenever you wish to access them thereafter.  We utilize high quality conferencing equipment to insure the best sound quality.

These seminars are for you, we want to get you answers to your questions so we encourage you to send us any questions you may have on a given topic when you enroll.  Additionally we will open the phone lines at the end of each seminar in order to take questions from the floor.

Click on the following titles for more detailed information about each seminar and to enroll for live events and gain access to recording.

Understanding Forage: What Are They and Why Are They Important – Live event Wed Aug 8th 5pm PDT 2012

Keeping Your Horse Healthy and Hydrated in the Heat – Live event Wed May 23rd 5pm PDT 2012

Keeping Your Horse Safe From Infectious Disease – Recorded Wed April 25th 5pm PDT 2012

Feeding And Dental Care of The Senior Horse – Recorded Wed March 21st 2012