“Before I worked with Clair I was aware of the importance of equine nutrition, but didn’t understand the intricacies of it.  She has helped me with a range of horse issues—too fat, too skinny, low energy, ulcers and more.  She customized the diet for each horse.  The health and performance improvements were amazing.  Clair is detailed, thorough and a good communicator.  I recommend her all the time to equestrians who want better behavior, condition and performance from their horses.”
– Susan Treabess, Dressage Trainer and US para-equestrian dressage WEG 2010 team member

“I think of you all the time and how INCREDIBLY appreciative I am of all your help, guidance, knowledge, care, etc!!!  Solo and the others are doin’ great. Solo’s xrays continue to get better, although his right front is behind his left but seems to be getting better and better. The others are doing well too.  The thoroughbreds’ temperaments are great on this diet (they too are still on the same diet as Solo just more hay and beet pulp as needed), and they are moving so well!  I also LOVE the slow feeders…such a lifesaver with Solo who would kick and paw with his front hooves (ughh just what those poor things needed) when he felt upset about not having food.  

Thanks so very much again, Clair! I really can’t say it enough… “
–  Megan, Owner of Solo an insulin resistant mustang suffering from laminitis

“Everyone was delighted to meet you and thoroughly enjoyed your talk!  We’ve shied away from “nutritionists” because, you’re right, most are just pushing a product. Thanks for including info on how horses digest food…flew over some heads but very helpful for the rest of us LOL!

I’ll get your Facebook info out to our membership…and oh yeah…you can plan on more visits to this crowd if you don’t mind.”
– Flo On behalf of the Loomis Basin Horseman’s Association

“What a Godsend you were to assist me with a maiden mare during pregnancy and lactation. Based on the hay analysis and your diet, I eliminated a number of duplicative supplements(which saved me about $75/mo) and my mare’s feet, coat and attitude have improved. She maintained a healthy weight during pregnancy and has been sailing through these tough months of lactation. All my barn mates say the filly looks unbelievable; in just 2 months she has grown 9” and 140lbs.  Even with all this growth, she is obviously getting what she needs from mom as well as eating some of that great hay you suggested.

 In addition to my breeding endeavors, you can bet my next competition horse will be nutritionally supported by Summit.

 Thank you again for all your efforts on behalf of Roman, Seraphina and I.”
–  Trece Herder, Clayton Farms

“Veterinarians, horse breeders, professional horse trainers and owners can benefit from using an Equine Nutritionist to better understand their horses exact nutritional needs, resulting in higher performance capability, sounder and more healthier horses and increased dollars for the weanling sales.”  – Erin Lohec, Andalusian Dressage Partners, LLC

“My personal experience with Clair was fantastic. I am a small breeder, long time horse fanatic(since I could walk), but new to breeding and certainly new to the complexity of feeding growing, lactating and performance sporthorses.   A couple of qualities that I personally believe set Clair apart from most are her personal knowledge and desire to gain more knowledge. I have about 6 horses ranging from 0 to almost 20.  Of particular concern is the first foal I bred, she turned out to be insulin resistant.  Clair personally took my case on and did hours research and worked with my vet who uses Chinese herbs as part of the therapy, to come up with solutions that were simple and effective.  I would strongly urge anyone that wants maximum performance what ever the discipline, even pensioners in the pasture, to consult with Clair about giving your horse the best chance of health by providing the right diet.” – Erica

“We had a very positive experience working with  Clair Thunes, Summit Equine Nutrition, which we would like to share with others who are considering hiring an equine nutritionist.  We purchased a thoroughbred who was underweight and underconditioned.  We reside in a location convenient to Clair, so she was able to personally evaluate our horse as well as analyze the hay at our barn.  Clair provided a tremendous amount of valuable education through this evaluation process, as well as in her written plan.

Clair designed a comprehensive diet for our horse which targeted the various important equine nutritional requirements.  She also willingly researched various products and companies in an effort to save money, yet come up with the highest quality feed and supplements.  Clair advised us that it might take several months to see meaningful results, yet within the first month, we were able to see a change in the quality of his coat, energy level, and weight.  Our horse continued to improve with Clair’s recommendations.  I enjoyed working with Clair – it is clear that she has an incredible knowledge base regarding equine nutrition, and she is willing to share this with her clients.  If you have the opportunity to work with Clair, you will undoubtedly benefit by her expertise.” – Kary MD

“Clair is a wealth of information and a great resource for equine nutrition, I highly recommend her! “ – Stormy

“Dr. Thunes is very thorough and I’d recommend her to anyone who is concerned about their equine partner’s overall health and well-being.” – Peggy

“As always, the voice of equine nutrition reason. Clair is phenomenal when it comes to helping horse owners determine the best feeds and amounts for their horses…….Her fees are very reasonable to do an entire feed analysis and I highly recommend it.” – April

“The report is loaded with information – far more than I expected — and some thoughtful observations, all of which is very educational for me as a first-time horse-owner. “ – Ellen