Nutrition AnalysisNutrition is a significant part of the foundation on which health and well being are built and an important part of equine veterinary practice. Your practice may already provide access to specialists such as those qualified in dentistry, internal medicine, opthamology and farriery. Such partnerships raise the profile of your practice, increasing its value to your clients.

Summit Equine Nutrition aims to work in partnership with the veterinary community to help provide the specialist nutrition support you and your clients need. We are here to help you make decisions based on the latest scientific research and the specific needs of each individual horse both day-to-day and during clinical emergencies.

Dr Thunes is a member of the American Association of Veterinary Nutritionists and the Equine Science Society and regularly attends conferences to continue her education and insure her knowledge is up-to-date.Summit Equine Nutrition has the background and qualifications to be your nutrition consultant specialist.

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Dr. Thunes is a not only an experienced nutritionist, but also an accomplished scientist. She has an extensive background in horsemanship with longstanding interest in nutrition, which she built upon by achieving a PhD in Nutritional Biology.

The PhD training program in nutrition at UC Davis is intensive and includes at least 2 years of graduate level coursework in addition to research and other scholarly activity. Critical thinking skills are emphasized during this training, and are a crucial tool for assessment and application of all aspects of both theoretical and applied nutritional sciences. Dr. Thunes studied under the mentorship of R.L. Baldwin, a National Academy of Sciences member and luminary in the field of systems analysis and modeling in support of nutritional and animal science research. Collaboration with Dr. Baldwin and other accomplished and respected animal nutritionists at UC Davis shaped Dr. Thunes’ professional development in research as well as other aspects of basic and applied nutrition.

The PhD program also offers the opportunity to hone teaching skills, and Dr. Thunes has expanded on this foundation to become an accomplished and effective instructor. Due to her expertise in equine nutrition she was recruited to instruct first-year veterinary students at UC Davis. Her participation in the Feeds and Feeding Laboratory sessions as well as the Equine Nutrition lecture were invaluable and provided essential information not available elsewhere in the curriculum.   

Nutrition is critically important to achieve and maintain optimal health and ensure optimal performance. Dr. Thunes is uniquely trained in the nutritional management of both healthy animals and those with one or more diseases. Her professionalism and expertise are unrivaled, and she continues to actively learn and participate in scientific discourse. Her strong background and ongoing pursuit of current knowledge in nutritional sciences allow her to effectively develop customized nutritional management plans while communicating with clients to encourage their involvement in and understanding of the needs of the animals in their care.

Jennifer Larsen, DVM, PhD, DACVN
Nutrition Support Service
William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
University of California, Davis