Summit Equine Nutrition LLC is excited to bring you a series of webinars where we cover important areas of equine nutrition.  These webinars will address many of the common questions Dr. Thunes has been asked over the past 10 years as a consultant, everything from feeding to reduce the risk of gastric ulcers, to choosing the correct feeds and supplements to nutrition for special situations.

All our webinars will be recorded so that they are available to you not only live but whenever you wish to access them thereafter.  We utilize a state-of-the-art webinar platform that allows you to ask questions throughout the live presentation. Registrants also gain access to a private Facebook group where they can ask Dr. Thunes follow-up questions.

These webinars are for you, we want to get you answers to your questions so we encourage you to send us ideas for webinar topics.

Dr. Thunes is a gifted and sought after speaker with a knack for communicating technical material in a way that you can understand.  In addition to consulting she teaches equine nutrition and exercise physiology at the University of California Davis and equine health at Cosumnes River College. Her content is fact based and refreshing in that its goal is to broaden your knowledge and understanding of equine nutrition not just sell you a feed or supplement. Here are what some previous webinar attendees have to say about their experience.

I attended the first webinar and I am looking forward to learning more! My horses have benefited greatly from my interest in their nutrition. I really admire Clair’s clear, concise, no nonsense approach. She is a wealth of info and experience and education and I appreciate being able to attend these presentations and add to my knowledge! Thanks Clair. – Carla H. watching from Fresno, CA.

I attended Clair’s first webinar and it was informative, she makes it easy to understand. I have had a horse with ulcers so I am always trying to learn as much as I can from reliable sources in order to help my horses. It was helpful to ask questions and get the answer right way. It is also good to hear other questions asked by others that you may not think of at that time. Looking forward to more webinars and meeting Clair in person at the Cave Creek Clinic in AZ. –  Cheryl S. watching from AZ.

Click on the following titles for more detailed information about each seminar and to enroll for live events and gain access to recordings.

Understanding forage 

Feeding to reduce the risk of equine gastric ulcers and colic