Weight and Condition


The following equation can be used to calculate your horse’s weight.

Weight in lbs = ((((Girth in inches) x (Girth in inches)) x Length in inches) / 300) +50

Where length is the distance from point of shoulder to point of buttock (tuber ischii)

So for a horse with girth of 75 inches and length of 69.5 weight equals 1353lbs

It should be noted that the only truly accurate way to determine weight is to use a scale.  Other methods include using a weight tape however weight tapes do not account for the horses body type which can effect their weight.  For some horses weight tapes are accurate for others including their length increases accuracy.

Condition Scoring

Body condition scoring (BCS) is an objective method of evaluating a horse’s level of condition by palpating and visually assessing the degrees of fatness over certain areas of the horse’s body in relation to musculature.  The system was developed by Dr Don Henneke (1) and assigns a numeric value which can allow comparison of the horse’s condition over time, or between multiple horses.

1. Modified from: Henneke et al. (1983) Equine Vet. J. 15(4):372.

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